Give Your Car a Check-Up

Give Your Car a Check-Up

Schedule your vehicle diagnostics in Danbury, CT

At Federal Automotive Service and Towing, we have years of experience diagnosing and repairing every engine problem and malfunction on the road. Whether major or minor, our mechanics in Danbury, CT, are adept at figuring out what ails your car and fixing it F.A.S.T!

Squeaky brakes?
Your brakes are a vital part of your vehicle that should always be kept working. If you have to really depress the brake pedal for it to work, or your vehicle is pulling to one side as you drive, or if there is a grinding and vibration coming from your brakes, come see us for a full brake assessment.

Malfunctioning radiator?
Your radiator is what prevents your vehicle from overheating. If your car is leaking coolant onto the concrete, or the temperature gauge is leaning too far toward “HOT,” or you can see that the coolant looks sludgy, come see us to have your radiator checked immediately.

Federal Automotive Service and Towing is NAPA Auto Care Center and an AAA-preferred service provider. AAA members receive 10% off (up to $50) on all service excluding emissions testing.

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